Mullum Creek Landscape Design

A landscape design for a young couple moving into the Mullum Creek sustainable subdivision in Donvale. A very interesting and challenging site that was protected by many eco overlays to prevent overshadowing and encourage biodiversity to what was once a large farm on the outskirts of Melbourne.

    Key features

  • Food Forest to the north consisting of primarily deciduous fruit trees to prevent overshadowing of the house. Trees to be underplanted with a mixture of hardy herbs and other edible plants.
  • Drought tolerant indigenous plants and bush tucker zone
  • Signature Indigenous Tree
  • Ephemeral pond to collect excess rainwater run-off collected in mulch pathways
  • Raised annual garden bed – wicking bed along courtyard wall. Climbing plants to cover fence.
  • Mulch path – woodchips
  • Enclosed compost
  • Shade garden & bamboo with stepping stones to services
  • Timber arbour constructed using timber from Mullum Creek approved timber list
  • Small lawn including mixture of herbs and drought tolerant groundcovers
  • Mixed hedge of dwarf fruit trees pruned to maintain approved height of between 2.8-3.1m.
  • Espalier or hedged fruit trees and climbers on privacy screen fences in SW corner and on courtyard fence.
  • Deciduous hedge along northern boundary to screen neighbour’s driveway.

Mullum Creek Planning1.indd

Mullum Creek Planning1.indd

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