Baskets from the garden

On the weekend I caught the last day of the Intertwined exhibition as the Koorie Heritage Trust. As well as the more traditional baskets and eel traps, Lisa Waup‘s little woven nest of feather and fibre really stood out. Lovely pastel colours interwoven with wallaby browns. Artwork like Lisa’s and that of Ruth Woods of … Continue reading Baskets from the garden

square foot wicking

Everything is glistening wet. My freshly planted seedlings have been released from their prison of shadecloth, only slightly singed. Is it only gardeners who feel relief when a storm breaks a 30C streak? My wicking beds are finally filled and the faces of tiny bean seedlings have pushed through the soil. I had forgotten that … Continue reading square foot wicking

our garden transformation

It’s 8:14 and the sky has only just shaded a dusky purple. I’m so glad it’s spring! This winter was particularly dreary because I spent the entirety studying and taking my architecture registration exams. Darkness and endless pages of notes to read, that dragging unending exhaustion. So this spring is particularly special, I’m filled with … Continue reading our garden transformation

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