les marches

The tempo has changed, a mad orchestral crescendo replaced by the scratch scratch scratch of a record needle. That’s how every holiday ends for me, there’s a moment when I tire of exploring, I become retrospective, my petals curl inward and I wait for the nurturing touch of home. I’m surrounded by origami flowers, I […]


walled city

I stood alone in ancient laneway, stone buildings compressing me on either side. Through the distant clatter of the city a sweet note began to rise and then became a pretty melody. My eyes darted for the source, the music grew louder and then a violist stepped through a gap and wandered slowly, across my […]


purple haze

Although no succubus I must have absorbed Dylan’s strength in my sleep, for in the morning I felt the strongest and freshest I had all trip, Dylan was a hollowed out husk of sleeplessness. We departed Cheval-blanc with a gift of a lavender posy stuck into my handlebars, the relaxing aroma drifting up with every […]