The Yurt Alpine Retreat King Valley

Hello dear friends. I’ve been trying to savour experiences lately and grasp little opportunities for adventure. Going carless (no, not careless autocorrect) at the beginning of last year helped, as our adventures became centred around trains and bikes like when we were overseas. Hiring a GoGet is a really exciting treat, now we appreciate the … Continue reading The Yurt Alpine Retreat King Valley


This scorcher of a summer’s day has sent me scuttling into my cool, dark blogging cave. The sweet, subtlety floral tang of elderflower cordial is on my lips, a perfect pairing with a 35C day. Forever the victim of romantic rather than practical gardening notions I bought an elderberry in my first year of gardening. … Continue reading ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL

true spring flowers in the edible garden

True Spring and sleepy winter buds have burst open in a puff of pollen. I may have been knocked off my feet with a sneaky spring cold, but this hasn’t dampened by enthusiasm for the season. Although I’m itching to transplant my seedlings, this forced time of rest and reflection isn’t so bad when there … Continue reading true spring flowers in the edible garden

Simon Rickard’s Garden

On a sun soaked autumn day we visited Simon Rickard’s Open Garden. The thrill of inspiration is always on my radar, whether it be a self-sown masterpiece or a lovely cultivated combination. Nature and man both have enough lessons to pack my head full to buzzing and I forgot how great it is to blog … Continue reading Simon Rickard’s Garden

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