Simon Rickard’s Garden

On a sun soaked autumn day we visited Simon Rickard’s Open Garden. The thrill of inspiration is always on my radar, whether it be a self-sown masterpiece or a lovely cultivated combination. Nature and man both have enough lessons to pack my head full to buzzing and I forgot how great it is to blog […]


Little Desert Permaculture

A family’s passion to bring permaculture to the harshest of Victorian landscapes. A guest post by Dieter and Ilse from the Little Desert. On the edge of the Wimmera region of Western Victoria in the heart of wheat and sheep country a family is going against the status quo to create a permaculture Eden. Ilse […]


how to improve poor soils for free

Forget the expensive wetting agents and don’t just chuck that poor soil out, even the driest, nutrient devoid soil is worth saving. Improve poor soils for free! This is exciting – a new backyard with a blank canvas of dry, lifeless, hydrophobic soil. You might think that sounds like a nightmare for a gardener, but […]


Building community

Big thanks to the volunteers and Nola for her amazing photos from the day! The food forest has flushed green after a harsh summer that stripped the ground bare. The survivors: those born hardy or who retreated to the shadows of apple trees. It was clear that we hadn’t quite gotten the balance right in […]