How to build good habits

how to build good habits … instead of making then breaking new year’s resolutions. RRecently we had some shocking heath news in our family and like an icy bucket of water to the head I was reminded that life is too precious to waste. Don’t we all have dreams, a desire to give our life […]


moving garden

say goodbye to the old life, losing something but gaining more A clunking trailer bouncing: chicken coop, couches and a mobile garden over speed humps. There was something delightfully outlandish about our arrival at our new home, chook in the boot, we were the Beverly Hill Billies of Flemington (alas no rocking chair grandma on […]


st erth

Sometimes inspiration is best digestested through the eyes. Follow me through the garden of St Erth. Hidden in the heart of the dusty, dry Blackwood bushland, there is a lush garden oasis. Our last visit was made all the more surreal because the surrounding bush was crackling with ‘planned burns’, smoke wreathing the town below. […]


25 edibles that survive utter neglect

Who said the greatest hunger a person has is to be needed? When it comes to gardening I’d consider it the height of success if I’ve designed myself out of the system completely. No watering, no propagating, just eating! After 6 months of neglect: a boiling February, an unseasonably hot autumn and a cheerless winter; […]


community rehabilitation garden – stage 1

Hidden away, just off busy Mount Alexander Road there is a little community with a patch of lawn that dreamed of being something more. After months of life-affirming moments: fly-fishing with a reconstructive surgeon in Oregon, building Earthships in New Mexico, green woodworking in the Sussex forest, wild camping in Napoleon’s pine forests; it was […]