High Summer at Warratina Lavender Farm

Has the weather been strange where you are? If you looked at these photos your first thought wouldn’t be, “oh what a lovely High Summer day in January” That month the weather dropped as low as a maximum of 18C, it could have been August.

Grey skies threatening the ladies and I took a lovely outing to Warratina Lavender Farm. There was a little consternation about the appropriate attire, which turned out to be a lovely light summer dress plus every other item of clothing we could find in the car and star jumps. As we bumped along the dirt road, we had romanticised notions of fields of purple swaying in the breeze, however just like this post, we were two months late and most of the bushes were sweet denuded bundles. Fantastic company and the strips they left blooming by the driveway and carpark kept us happy though, just enough to remind us of Provence. Although full disclosure, I was also there at the end of summer when I suspect the only fields left blossoming were for the tourists. An indulgent tasting of all their lavender themed desserts didn’t hurt, and it cemented by view that just a speck of lavender on top is ideal and anything more is like eating potpourri. Thumbs up chocolate brownie.

So it looks like we’ll be back in November when it is full of bees and blossoms. It’s always good to have something to look forward to.

Warratina Lavender Farm


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